Can I Buy Viagra Without The Prescription?

Viagra is the top selling erectile dysfunction medication in the United States. While the little blue pill can work wonders for men experiencing varying degrees of sexual dysfunction, don’t count on being able to purchase Viagra without a valid prescription from your doctor.

The safest way to obtain Viagra is through consulting with your doctor. Although talking to your doctor about erectile dysfunction may be difficult, you can avoid any potential awkward interaction if you purchase your prescription through certified online pharmacy like Canada Drugs Direct.

Why should you always buy your drugs with a prescription?

While Viagra offers many men with a solution to their sex lives, it also comes at a rather high price. Purchasing Viagra from a brick-and-mortar pharmacy can cost individuals a significant amount. Ranging in price from $69 to $72 per 100mg pill, it’s understandable that patients would look for the best deal around. The thought of buying off-brand – or generic – medications is certainly appealing, however there are many cases where consumers need to exercise caution.

Not only is Viagra the top selling medication in the US, it is also one of the medications that are most frequently counterfeit. While pharmacies and other organizations work to shut down counterfeit medication operations, there is a lot of work yet to be done. This means that for the unknowing consumer, counterfeit Viagra is accessible at a price that is significantly more attractive than name brand medications.

Counterfeit drugs are not regulated. Nor are they tested to ensure they are safe for consumption. While they may have a similar active ingredient, and physical look as a brand name drug, the likeliness that medication has been mixed with something else is extremely likely. For instance, Viagra has been found mixed with anything from dry wall materials to blue printer ink, both of which can have harmful effects if consumed.

How do I get Viagra?

If you need a prescription for Viagra, the only safe way to purchase the medication is to speak with your doctor. Your doctor will be able to assess your medical history and determine if you are a candidate for Viagra as well as which dose is suitable for you.

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