Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Cover Viagra?

Erectile dysfunction is a very serious concern for men, and often occurs as a result of other underlying health conditions. Blue Cross is one of the most popular private health care insurance providers. As such it is not surprising that some of these men will be asking does Blue Cross Blue Shield Cover Viagra? The answer to this is that no, Blue Cross Blue Shield does not cover Viagra or any other erectile dysfunction medication. Men with a doctor’s prescription for Viagra will need to pay the entire cost of filling the prescription, and it typically is very expensive.

While prices for Viagra in different States will vary, one of the most popular options for buying Viagra these days is to get it from a Canadian online pharmacy. Indeed, you can almost always get the best price on the medication when you order Viagra online. Not only is the per-pill cost significantly lower, but you can have your prescription filled without any need to leave your home. Plus, the medication delivered to your door.

Some of you may be wondering if there are other health care insurers who are able to cover the medication. Let’s move to discussing that now.

Insurance Coverage Options for Viagra

It has been reported that Medicaid will cover the cost of ED medication in some States, but that in the majority of them Viagra is among many medications that are not eligible for partial coverage. Some private healthcare providers like Tricare Prime Remote and Medco will cover a small quantity (6 to 10 tablets of the medication) and usually with a co-pay arrangement.

Many consumers will have a preference as to what medication they prefer to use. Many men will insist on the original branded blue-pill Viagra. However, the medication’s main competitor, Cialis, is also prescribed for BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia). Some people have had their Cialis medication covered by their healthcare insurance provider when it is prescribed for the treatment of BPH. Their intention of course is to have it treating their ED. It would require a bit of a white lie on the part of the prescribing physician, but may be possible.

Cialis is every bit the equal of Viagra when it comes to counteracting erectile difficulties in men. What’s more, it has a longer ‘window’ of efficacy – up to 36 hours after taking one pill. This means you can be more casual about your lovemaking with your partner.

Consider Generic Medication Option

A generic version of a drug will typically arrive within 3 years of a new medication’s approval from the FDA.  These generic medications have the same effectiveness as the branded medication, but are available for much more affordable prices. Men in the USA are also able to order generic Viagra (Sildenafil) from Canada and get even better prices on medication that is already more affordable than branded Viagra. This alternative is a very popular one for men with ED.

Ordering Viagra online – whether the branded or generic version of the medication – can save you money and make it much more affordable to overcome your ED and resume a quality sex life with your partner. But do be aware that these medications are drastically more effective when men make specific lifestyle changes.

Let’s conclude today by discussing them.

Ways to Make Response to Viagra More Effective

Making good lifestyle and diet changes can improve your physiological response to ED medications like Viagra. In particular, better cardiovascular health is conducive to better sex overall AND a better response to your medication. Here are the recommendations for taking Viagra:

  • Eating a diet that is lower in saturated and trans fats. Tailoring portion sizes to promote moving to a healthier body weight
  • Avoiding excessive alcohol consumption, and quitting smoking or only smoke in moderation
  • Engaging in some type of moderate cardiovascular exercise at least twice a week
  • Addressing any issues with quality of sleep
  • Increasing daily water intake

Erectile dysfunction is best overcome with ED medication AND beneficial health improvements. Between both, you’ll very likely have a return to the quality of sex life you had before.