Can I Buy Viagra Without The Prescription?

Viagra is the top selling erectile dysfunction medication in the United States. While the little blue pill can work wonders for men experiencing varying degrees of sexual dysfunction, don’t count on being able to purchase Viagra without a valid prescription from your doctor.

The safest way to obtain Viagra is through consulting with your doctor. Although talking to your doctor about erectile dysfunction may be difficult, you can avoid any potential awkward interaction if you purchase your prescription through certified online pharmacy like Canada Drugs Direct.

Why should you always buy your drugs with a prescription?

While Viagra offers many men with a solution to their sex lives, it also comes at a rather high price. Purchasing Viagra from a brick-and-mortar pharmacy can cost individuals a significant amount. Ranging in price from $69 to $72 per 100mg pill, it’s understandable that patients would look for the best deal around. The thought of buying off-brand – or generic – medications is certainly appealing, however there are many cases where consumers need to exercise caution.

Not only is Viagra the top selling medication in the US, it is also one of the medications that are most frequently counterfeit. While pharmacies and other organizations work to shut down counterfeit medication operations, there is a lot of work yet to be done. This means that for the unknowing consumer, counterfeit Viagra is accessible at a price that is significantly more attractive than name brand medications.

Counterfeit drugs are not regulated. Nor are they tested to ensure they are safe for consumption. While they may have a similar active ingredient, and physical look as a brand name drug, the likeliness that medication has been mixed with something else is extremely likely. For instance, Viagra has been found mixed with anything from dry wall materials to blue printer ink, both of which can have harmful effects if consumed.

How do I get Viagra?

If you need a prescription for Viagra, the only safe way to purchase the medication is to speak with your doctor. Your doctor will be able to assess your medical history and determine if you are a candidate for Viagra as well as which dose is suitable for you.

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Tips For Buying Cheap Antibiotics

According to Time, pink eye, a common bacterial infection, affects 6 million Americans every year. And nearly six in ten people are prescribed antibiotic eye drops to help cure the infection. However, these aren’t exactly cheap antibiotics. A bottle of antibiotic eye drops can cost up to $200!

This isn’t just one example of expensive antibiotics. There is also a growing number of people who are using fish antibiotics because they cannot afford their medication. This, of course, is highly unrecommended as they aren’t FDA-approved for human consumption.

But, with the prices of prescription medication continuing to soar, how can people afford to fill their prescriptions? Fortunately, it’s possible to buy antibiotics online (and other medications) at more affordable prices. Read on for tips on how to do so and where to buy antibiotics online.

Is It Possible to Buy Cheap Antibiotics Online?

buy antibiotics onlineCan you buy antibiotics online for less? Yes. It’s certainly possible to buy antibiotics online and save money by doing so!

For example, the price for a 5ml bottle of Zymar eye drops can cost between $78 and $85 at your local pharmacy without insurance. However, on websites like, you can buy a 5ml bottle of Zymar for $31.

How Can I Cut Costs on Antibiotics?

There are a few ways in which you can save on your antibiotics. Take a look below for our tips:

  1. Ask for the generic version

Many antibiotics have a generic version which is much cheaper than the brand name version. So, always ask your doctor or pharmacist about your options. Be sure to check with your insurer if they cover generic versions as some policies require that you only get the brand name drug.

  1. Double check if the antibiotic is necessary

With the growing concern of antibiotic resistance, it’s wise to limit your use of antibiotics altogether. Antibiotics are meant to treat bacterial infections and are ineffective when it comes to treating viral infections, so you shouldn’t be using them to treat illnesses like the flu.

Furthermore, some cases of bacterial infections can also be treated without antibiotics. With this in mind, always ask your doctor if the antibiotic is absolutely necessary for your recovery. You can also ask about other options aside from antibiotics that might be less expensive.

  1. Buy antibiotics online

If you don’t have insurance and you have to take a particularly expensive course of antibiotics, check online. There are some legitimate Canadian online mail order pharmacies which have medicines for fair prices. One of them is which we mentioned previously.

Where to Buy Antibiotics Online

Where to buy antibioticsThere are many sites on which you can purchase antibiotics and other types of medications for less. Not sure where to go? Check for prescription, over-the-counter, and pet-medications. They have fair and affordable prices and are accredited by CIPA.

Be cautious before making a purchase, however. This is because there are illegitimate websites that sell counterfeit or fake drugs. Although it focuses on Viagra, the tips in our blog post “How Can I Safely Buy Viagra Online for Less?” are applicable for other medications as well. So, take a look to avoid getting scammed!


How Can I Safely Buy Viagra Online for Less?

Viagra is one of the most commonly used erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs on the market. However, it can come with a hefty price tag.  As noted in the Financial Times’ article, the average wholesale price of Viagra saw an increase of 27.5 percent in 2017, making it $73.85 for one 100mg tablet!

Fortunately, it’s possible to purchase Viagra for less from a Canadian online mail order pharmacy. However, if you’re concerned about how to do it safely without getting scammed, read on for our tips.

First, Why Purchase Viagra Online?

Mail order Viagra onlineFor those without insurance, the price for Viagra can definitely add up. Per, a pack of eight 100mg tablets of Viagra can cost up to $640. However, at Canada Drugs Direct, the same amount costs $94.40. That saves you around 85 percent!

While affordability is the biggest reason why people choose to buy Viagra online, it isn’t the only one.

Online shopping is more discrete and offers patients more privacy. In this way, anyone embarrassed about his condition—not that there is anything to be ashamed of— can purchase the medication in the comfort of his own home.

Furthermore, it’s also possible to buy generic Viagra online from a Canadian mail order pharmacy. Generic Viagra is not yet available in the United States; however, in 2012, the government of Canada awarded Teva Canada the right to produce generic Viagra.

In this way, it’s possible to save even more. A pack of eight 100mg tablets of generic Viagra at Canada Drugs Direct is only $64!

How to Safely Buy Viagra Online

While shopping online for Viagra offers significant savings, it’s important to be careful. There are many websites that sell fake versions of this drug which can cause complications. Be sure to follow these tips in order to make a purchase safely:

  1. Ensure the pharmacy is licensed

Never buy from a Canadian online pharmacy that doesn’t have a proper license to operate. In order to guarantee the validity of a Canadian online pharmacy, ensure it’s accredited by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA).

Pharmacies accredited by CIPA are licensed and regulated by the Canadian government to ensure the safety of their patients. Thus, these pharmacies must follow stringent rules and practices in order to operate.

While some websites may display the CIPA badge, be aware that they might not actually be certified by the association. To be sure, check this list of CIPA safe pharmacies before completing your purchase.

  1. Make sure the pharmacy asks for a prescription

How to buy generic Viagra onlineBecause Viagra isn’t an OTC drug, it’s illegal to sell it without a prescription in Canada. Any online pharmacy—Canadian or not—that claims to sell Viagra without a prescription should raise red flags immediately.

To ensure you’re buying authentic Viagra, never buy from a pharmacy that sells it without a prescription.

  1. Shop on secure websites only

A general rule of thumb when shopping online is to shop on a secure site. Determining the security of a site is easy; simply look at the URL and see if it starts with https://. The ‘s’ indicates that the site is secure and safe for shopping. If there is no ‘s’, proceed with caution or avoid the site altogether.

Final Word

There is no doubt that mail order Viagra online is the most affordable solution. However, be sure to follow our tips above to avoid getting scammed.

Remember, if you are experiencing ED, don’t wait to see your doctor. There are numerous reasons why you may be experiencing it, one of which can be due to an underlying health condition. So, err on the side of caution—after all, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about!