According to Time, pink eye, a common bacterial infection, affects 6 million Americans every year. And nearly six in ten people are prescribed antibiotic eye drops to help cure the infection. However, these aren’t exactly cheap antibiotics. A bottle of antibiotic eye drops can cost up to $200!

This isn’t just one example of expensive antibiotics. There is also a growing number of people who are using fish antibiotics because they cannot afford their medication. This, of course, is highly unrecommended as they aren’t FDA-approved for human consumption.

But, with the prices of prescription medication continuing to soar, how can people afford to fill their prescriptions? Fortunately, it’s possible to buy antibiotics online (and other medications) at more affordable prices. Read on for tips on how to do so and where to buy antibiotics online.

Is It Possible to Buy Cheap Antibiotics Online?

buy antibiotics onlineCan you buy antibiotics online for less? Yes. It’s certainly possible to buy antibiotics online and save money by doing so!

For example, the price for a 5ml bottle of Zymar eye drops can cost between $78 and $85 at your local pharmacy without insurance. However, on websites like, you can buy a 5ml bottle of Zymar for $31.

How Can I Cut Costs on Antibiotics?

There are a few ways in which you can save on your antibiotics. Take a look below for our tips:

  1. Ask for the generic version

Many antibiotics have a generic version which is much cheaper than the brand name version. So, always ask your doctor or pharmacist about your options. Be sure to check with your insurer if they cover generic versions as some policies require that you only get the brand name drug.

  1. Double check if the antibiotic is necessary

With the growing concern of antibiotic resistance, it’s wise to limit your use of antibiotics altogether. Antibiotics are meant to treat bacterial infections and are ineffective when it comes to treating viral infections, so you shouldn’t be using them to treat illnesses like the flu.

Furthermore, some cases of bacterial infections can also be treated without antibiotics. With this in mind, always ask your doctor if the antibiotic is absolutely necessary for your recovery. You can also ask about other options aside from antibiotics that might be less expensive.

  1. Buy antibiotics online

If you don’t have insurance and you have to take a particularly expensive course of antibiotics, check online. There are some legitimate Canadian online mail order pharmacies which have medicines for fair prices. One of them is which we mentioned previously.

Where to Buy Antibiotics Online

Where to buy antibioticsThere are many sites on which you can purchase antibiotics and other types of medications for less. Not sure where to go? Check for prescription, over-the-counter, and pet-medications. They have fair and affordable prices and are accredited by CIPA.

Be cautious before making a purchase, however. This is because there are illegitimate websites that sell counterfeit or fake drugs. Although it focuses on Viagra, the tips in our blog post “How Can I Safely Buy Viagra Online for Less?” are applicable for other medications as well. So, take a look to avoid getting scammed!